Freedom From Your Past

October 3, 2017

Through the message Freedom From the Past, Randy challenges all to forget the past and receive the freedom only through Jesus Christ. Preached at Anytime Church, 6/14/2009. Change your mind, hate your sinful past, and run to the present and future God offers you. See Acts 17:30.

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How Do I Ask Others To Forgive Me?

May 9, 2016

Guidelines For New Believers: The Biblical Way of Asking  Forgiveness From Another The Lord Jesus calls His narrow road followers to live a life far above what the world thinks is normal. Relationships are important to God and He demands the narrow road follower of Jesus does everything in his power to restore broken relationships. […]

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Does God Tolerate Sin?

May 5, 2016

Can I ask you a question? HOW DOES GOD SHOW HIS PATIENCE? Today because of the ignorance of God’s hatred of sin, and His nature of holiness, love, almighty power and grace for the Christian, many in the church have no clue of what God’s amazing patience toward them entails. Here is the truth that […]

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