What Are Charismatic Spiritual Gifts?

Guidelines For Immature Believers: True Charismatic Spiritual Gifts, Maybe NOT What You Think The real charismatic gifts are not what you think! Romans 12 gives the list of charismatic gifts and they do not include tongues, healings, or uncontrolled laughs or signs. “Charis” is grace from the Greek language and “charisma” translates as “gift.” These … Read moreWhat Are Charismatic Spiritual Gifts?

Does It Matter Who Our Friends Are?

Introduction: When a person begins to follow Jesus, our Lord God wants his narrow road followers to take responsibility by making major life changes. No longer can you be a selfish individual, following your dreams and living your life, but instead you are required to enlarge your perspective and live in the counterculture of Jesus. … Read moreDoes It Matter Who Our Friends Are?

Fellowship: Christ Commands Christians To Be Best Friends

Fellowship is living life together as a church full of best friends and the Greek word means strong partnership, close social union, deep communication, and common sharing. It only works when it is driven by God’s love deep inside you, no political or antichrist social order forced upon men will ever duplicate this powerful life. … Read moreFellowship: Christ Commands Christians To Be Best Friends